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Dr. Jim Palmer, Concierge Physical Therapist Serving New York City, NY

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My introduction to physical therapy was after a low back injury in 1999, when I gained a new perspective and an appreciation for the amazing resilience of the human body. Moreover, I observed the importance of physical therapy in not just treating the immediate injury, but also in the prevention of future injuries. This is especially relevant to me because as a runner since the eighth grade, I’ve also experienced running-related injuries. 

In 2004, I received my Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Florida, and in 2013 my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. Additionally, I have earned specialized certifications in The Mulligan Concept, trigger point dry needling, and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. This additional training has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of manual therapy, which ranges from myo-fascial trigger points to joint repositioning techniques. I believe that prescribing a multifaceted approach will assist in faster and more complete recovery from injuries. As director of physical therapy clinics, I have successfully built my teams upon these treatment techniques and philosophies. I am passionate about developing a personal relationship with my clients to better understand their goals so that together we can create customized rehab and fitness programs.

When I initially started practicing physical therapy, I was shocked at the limited knowledge of my patients regarding basic preventative measures, such as stretching or icing injuries.  This led me to incorporate education with my clients. Although enjoying working with a diversity of clients, I have an affinity towards athletes and runners.  Having suffered from my own assortment of injuries, I am personally and professionally invested in helping others prevent injury and rehabilitate to their fullest potential when injury does occur.

To learn more about me you can read articles I’ve written for the Endometriosis Foundation of America on how you can exercise safely and improve your daily life while coping with endometriosis; and the Positive Effects of Strength Training: Exercise and Hormones.

Free consultations are welcomed, click the red phone or 212-289-1586

Patients often have to wait weeks or months to gain access to providers—long enough for conditions to move from acute to chronic.  I bring physical therapy to you, to meet your wellness goals with the convenience of a mobile service that comes to your home or office.  My goal in delivering you personalized one-on-one care is for you to have a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.  I provide a mobile physical therapy experience to Northern New Jersey and New York City that empowers, educates, and restores balanced healthy movement without the drive to appointments, having to re-schedule your day, or cope with crowds and traffic. – Jim Palmer, Physical Therapist

Meet Maria Muto, PT, DPT

I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in pelvic health, orthopedics and pediatrics. Since graduating from Columbia University, I have helped patients from all walks of life, including those only 4 weeks old! I love treating with versatility. For example, my main areas of expertise include early intervention, pre and post-natal pelvic health, and general orthopedics in both surgical and non-surgical.

My treatment style includes a holistic approach. I utilize the techniques of mindfulness, breath work, therapeutic exercise, posture restoration and manual therapy. In addition, I bring yoga, Pilates and weight lifting into most care plans, which is distinguishing from typical physical therapist care plans. Lastly, I incorporates the basics of nutrition, body awareness and lifestyle habits within treatments. I believe adding this piece can make a greater and longer impact for patient recovery. 

I became a physical therapist because I’m extremely passionate about helping people and truly believe movement is medicine.  I am dedicated to my patients and aim to educate and rehabilitate all patients returning them to their full and vibrant lifestyle. In my spare time I like to run, lift weights, travel, cook and spend time with my fiancé and husky!

Free consultations are welcomed, click the red phone or 212-289-1586

Meet Assistant, LaSaundra


I’m LaSaundra, a native of the South with a passion for administrative management, possessing both an Associate’s and Bachelor’s in English.

After devoting over 11 years in the executive assistant arena, I now proudly serve Palmer Concierge Physical Therapy – and when you phone our office today, I’ll be prepared to greet you with southern charm. 

What clients are saying…..

I started PT with Jim over FaceTime in the height of COVID. I have done a lot of PT, but this is the first PT that feels function oriented and strength building. Jim is encouraging and affable. He is always ready to cheer on my small wins! I highly recommend seeing Jim in-person or online!

Catherine Galateria

Working with Dr. Palmer has been a pleasure. He took time up front to understand my injury, assess where I was stronger and where I was weaker and to talk through what I wanted to achieve. I can’t speak highly enough of Jim. He’s both technically excellent as well as just a genuinely nice person.

Alex Lorton

…. After listening intently to my symptoms and doing some manual tests, Jim realized I had a different injury than the doctor had prescribed.  He recommended fresh strengthening exercises which, combined with his stretching, improved my condition quickly.  Jim also set me up for lasting relief by teaching me how to address the pain if/when it arises again.

Marc Adelberg

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Free consultations are welcomed, click the red phone or 212-289-1586

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