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Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a wonderful technique that addresses both acute and chronic pain especially in active exercisers, athletes and those in chronic pain. During your physical therapy examination, your Doctorate of Physical Therapy will palpate (feel) tender points in your muscles which are known as “trigger points” or taught, painful band of tissue. To eliminate this pain, the therapist inserts a sterile monofilament “dry needle” into the trigger points. The monofilaments are known as “dry needles” because there is absolutely no medication used as in cases of pain management injections. Although there is discomfort during trigger point dry needling, your pain can be remarkable improved in just one treatment!

To perform Trigger Point Dry Needling, Dr. Jim Palmer, PT received additional hands on training to become certified in the safe practice of these techniques. Unfortunately, physical therapists have not been permitted to perform trigger point dry needling in New York. For clients in New Jersey, there is active legislation to have trigger point dry needling reinstated in our state practice act.

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