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Work Station & Work Place Ergonomics

Pain Free Work Station & Work Place

Having pain at work? Feeling more tired and less productive at work due to pain? Did you know that how your computer and desk are positioned may be contributing to your pain? Did you know how you package and lift boxes at work may be contributing to your pain?

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy will bring their skillful eye of proper body mechanics, posture and ergonomics training directly to your office. Your therapist will teach you best bending and lifting practices which can remarkably improve your pain that day! Your therapist will teach you how to set your computer in an optimal and personalized position in order to improve your variety of pains such as: headaches, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel hand tingling.

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We offer one on one time and not crowded PT clinics where a patient is just a number.
Your PT has a high level of experience and training which will aid you recovering faster
and more completely. You will not be subject to insurance companies placing restrictions
on your care.
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