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Client focused, evidence based physical therapy treatments.

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Physical Therapy Specialists in NYC

Palmer Physical Therapy provides client focused, evidence based physical therapy treatments to achieve our client’s fitness and rehabilitation goals in the most comprehensive manner.

We specialize in treating those who are in pain:  Pain is different for all of us.  It may have just occurred or may have been of lengthy duration. Our goal is to get to the root cause of your pain, and ultimately provide solutions so that it resolves quickly and more completely. The band-aid approach may result in temporary relief but may create problems later on.

A therapy program combining the perfect mix of hands-on techniques, exercise, prescriptives, and education can not only decrease our client’s pain, but ultimately improve their lives as they return to the life they love.

We strive to become the choice physical therapy provider of New York City by:

  • Focusing on our clients’ needs and goals.
  • Collaborating with our clients in establishing a personalized treatment plan.
  • Delivering excellence in clinical services.
  • Educating our clients in preventive measures and optimal functioning.
  • Partnering with other professionals for a comprehensive approach.
  • Seeking opportunities for staying abreast of developments in the field through on-going education and training.

What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Approach

We work with you towards the goals that are most important to you, and our treatment plans are designed specifically for you. We are trained in the most effective, beneficial, and up-to-date physical therapy techniques for the most effective outcomes in the most efficient way.

Individualized Sessions

You will work directly with your own Doctor of Physical Therapy. Your therapist will not be working with multiple clients simultaneously or using a physical therapy assistant, a common practice in today’s market due to greater limitations placed on healthcare providers.

Transparent Billing

Offering private pay allows us to work outside the limitations that are placed on patients, such as high co-pays, high deductibles, limited patient visits, and surprise bills long after the end of the treatment.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

  • Quickly ~ Your goals = our goals

  • Effectively ~ Skilled, competent Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Un-restrictively ~ Fee for service without insurance hassles

Here to help you live a pain-free life, carry-out a better work-out routine, and improve your everyday function; as well as your athletic capabilities.

What Makes Us Different

  • Care that comes to you. No commute required.
  • Noticeable results that begin today with direct access to PT. No waiting for insurance approval.
  • Highly skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy trained in the latest techniques. No working with an unskilled rehab aide.
  • One-on-one personalized sessions. No sessions booked with others.
  • Full 1-hour sessions. No “10 minutes only” with the therapist.
  • Full transparency in our fees. No surprise bills from your insurance company.
  • Your goals = Our goals. No “one size fits all” treatment
  • We provide PT solutions for people who have not had success in the past.
  • Our PT specialists with advanced expertise will help you when the generalist approach has failed.

Dr. Jim Palmer, PT, DPT

My introduction to physical therapy was after a low back injury in 1999, when I gained a new perspective and an appreciation for the amazing resilience of the human body. Moreover, I observed the importance of physical therapy in not just treating the immediate injury, but also in the prevention of future injuries. This is especially relevant to me because as a runner since the eighth grade, I’ve also experienced running-related injuries. 

In 2004, I received my Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Florida, and in 2013 my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. Additionally, I have earned specialized certifications in The Mulligan Concept, trigger point dry needling, and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. This additional training has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of manual therapy, which ranges from myo-fascial trigger points to joint repositioning techniques. I believe that prescribing a multifaceted approach will assist in faster and more complete recovery from injuries. As director of physical therapy clinics, I have successfully built my teams upon these treatment techniques and philosophies. I am passionate about developing a personal relationship with my clients to better understand their goals so that together we can create customized rehab and fitness programs.

When I initially started practicing physical therapy, I was shocked at the limited knowledge of my patients regarding basic preventative measures, such as stretching or icing injuries.  This led me to incorporate education with my clients. Although enjoying working with a diversity of clients, I have an affinity towards athletes and runners.  Having suffered from my own assortment of injuries, I am personally and professionally invested in helping others prevent injury and rehabilitate to their fullest potential when injury does occur.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

We offer one on one time and not crowded PT clinics where a patient is just a number.
Your PT has a high level of experience and training which will aid you recovering faster
and more completely. You will not be subject to insurance companies placing restrictions
on your care.
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