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“We help active New Yorkers quickly recover from injury so they can continue enjoying life, exercising and playing their sport.”

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We offer one on one time and not crowded PT clinics where a patient is just a number.
Your PT has a high level of experience and training which will aid you recovering faster
and more completely. You will not be subject to insurance companies placing restrictions
on your care.
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Telehealth & Anywhere Care

Telehealth is a convenient method of using the internet to provide virtual healthcare between physical therapist and patient.  Much like using “FaceTime” on your phone or computer, Dr. Palmer can perform a physical therapy assessment of your pain or injury, discuss findings, treatment solutions, and instruct in therapeutic exercises.  Just like working with Dr. Palmer in person, his goal is to improve your pain and lead you back to the healthy, active lifestyle that you desire – anywhere you are.  Simply click here to book an appointment convenient to you and meet with Dr. Palmer via phone, tablet or computer.

Our Approach

We specialize in treating those that are in pain.

Pain is different for all of us and it may have been present for a few days or several years. It is our focus to get to the root cause of your pain, and ultimately provide solutions to that problem so that your pain resolves quickly and more completely. We do not want to serve you like a band-aid and a temporary fix for your pain.

We believe that combining the perfect mix of hands-on techniques, exercise prescription, and education can make a true impact on our client’s pain. Ultimately improving their pain and allowing for gradual return back to activities that are most important to our clients.

Here to help you live a pain-free life, carry-out a better work-out routine, and improve your everyday function; as well as your athletic capabilities.

Why We Are Different

A personalized approach.

We will work with you towards the goals that you feel are most important to achieve. Our sessions are designed specifically with you and mind, and not with a “cookbook” treatment as so many providers use today. The physical therapist will be trained in the most recent, effective and beneficial physical therapy techniques to provide our clients with excellent outcomes in a more efficient process.

Our sessions will be one on one, which means that the therapist will not be working with other clients at the same time or have a physical therapy assistant (PTA) or aide take over care during these sessions. Unfortunately, both are common practice in today’s physical therapy market due to greater limitations placed on healthcare providers.

We will have transparency in billing. Offering private pay will allow us to work outside the limitations that are placed on patients. IE: high co-pays, high deductibles, surprise bills aftercare has finished, and limited patient visits.

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