Concierge Physical Therapy, West Orange, NJ Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes us different from other physical therapy centers?

  • Care that comes to you.  No commute required.
  • Noticeable results that begin today with direct access to PT.  No waiting for insurance approval.
  • Highly skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy trained in the latest techniques.  No working with an unskilled rehab aide.
  • One-on-one personalized sessions.  No sessions booked with others. 
  • Full 1-hour sessions. No “10 minutes only” with the therapist.
  • Full transparency in our fees.  No surprise bills from your insurance company.
  • Your goals = Our goals.   No “one size fits all” treatment.

What happens during my sessions?

After a history, exam, and assessment, you and your personal Doctor of Physical Therapy will together formulate a comprehensive treatment plan to address your needs. Your individualized treatment will include a combination of manual “hands on” therapy, therapeutic exercise, prescriptive therapies, education, prevention, and ongoing evaluation – all of which may even circumvent the need for medication or surgery.

How long are our sessions?

Each session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy is for one full hour.

Do I have to see a physician first?

New York and New Jersey are states that provide direct access to physical therapy services. This eliminates having to wait for authorization from your insurance company or a prescription for your physician. Instead of wasting precious time waiting, you may begin treatment any time and be on your way to recovery.

Does Palmer Physical Therapy accept insurance?

We have chosen not to accept in-network insurance in order to deliver the best personalized care in your own home or work setting. Since we are out of network with health insurance companies, you will not have to wait for insurance approval before starting therapy. Instead of suffering while waiting, you can begin feeling better sooner.  Unlike common practice in busy in-network facilities, you will never be booked with other patients for the same time, nor will you be working with a rehab aide or a therapy assistant, which further delays progress toward your treatment goals. You will always work with your Doctor of Physical Therapy, thereby receiving the most comprehensive care possible.

How do I know what my insurance benefits include?

We advise you to contact your insurance company directly to verify your specific insurance benefits.  We are happy to provide you with a fee-for-services receipt, which you may submit to your insurance company for any reimbursement.

Do you work with Medicare beneficiaries?

Palmer Physical Therapy is not a Medicare provider, nor do we bill Medicare or any other insurance company.  By law we cannot provide formal physical therapy services to clients who are Medicare beneficiaries. However, by law we can offer wellness services such as fitness and balance training to Medicare beneficiaries.  Do you have a problem you would like our Doctor of Physical Therapy to address, or a goal to help you succeed? Contact us to discuss!

What areas of New York and New Jersey do you travel to?

Currently, we travel to our clients’ homes, places of work, and gyms located at home or work in Manhattan.  If you are not located in Manhattan, contact us to discuss alternatives.

What should I wear? What type of space do I need for treatment?

You may wear comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, exercise pants or shorts, and sneakers.  We ask that you have a comfortable place to lie down which will allow your Doctor of Physical Therapy to perform specialized hands-on techniques for maximum benefit to you.  Exercise may be performed in the comfort of your home or office.

What type of equipment do we bring to the appointment?

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will bring blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor to check your vitals.  We will use resistance cords and will make use of common household items to assist with exercise. If your building has a gym, we will certainly make use of the equipment.

Free consultations are welcomed, click to call or 212-289-1586

Patients often have to wait weeks or months to gain access to providers—long enough for conditions to move from acute to chronic.  I bring physical therapy to you, to meet your wellness goals with the convenience of a mobile service that comes to your home or office.  My goal in delivering you personalized one-on-one care is for you to have a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.  I provide a mobile physical therapy experience to Northern New Jersey and New York City that empowers, educates, and restores balanced healthy movement without the drive to appointments, having to re-schedule your day, or cope with crowds and traffic. – Jim Palmer. Physical Therapist

What clients are saying…..

I started PT with Jim over FaceTime in the height of COVID. I have done a lot of PT, but this is the first PT that feels function oriented and strength building. Jim is encouraging and affable. He is always ready to cheer on my small wins! I highly recommend seeing Jim in-person or online!

Catherine Galateria

Working with Dr. Palmer has been a pleasure. He took time up front to understand my injury, assess where I was stronger and where I was weaker and to talk through what I wanted to achieve. I can’t speak highly enough of Jim. He’s both technically excellent as well as just a genuinely nice person.

Alex Lorton

…. After listening intently to my symptoms and doing some manual tests, Jim realized I had a different injury than the doctor had prescribed.  He recommended fresh strengthening exercises which, combined with his stretching, improved my condition quickly.  Jim also set me up for lasting relief by teaching me how to address the pain if/when it arises again.

Marc Adelberg

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As I’ve relocated to West Orange, NJ I look forward to serving new clients throughout Essex and Bergen County in addition to continuing to serve my NYC clients. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have on receiving Concierge and or Telehealth physical therapy, thank you!”

– Jim Palmer, Physical Therapist

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