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Your Fall Risk Assessment and Balance Training in NYC

Fall Assessment

Can you stand on one foot and maintain your balance? Can you stand with your eyes closed and maintain your balance? Do you trip frequently? Have you fallen? Did you know that experiencing just one fall can be life threating by resulting in a fracture or head injury?

It is a common misconception that as we get older, it’s natural to start losing our balance and experience a fall. This is a dangerous way to think! Your Doctor of Physical Therapy is trained to assess your balance using a variety of tests and measures such as the Tinetti Gait and Balance, Berg Balance, and Stand Up and Go Tests. Assessing your coordination, strength and range of motion of your legs are also key factors when assessing your risk for falls.

After completing a thorough Fall Risk Assessment, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will discuss these findings with you. This information will allow us to record baseline measurements, track your progress and look at how much improvement you have made along the way to reaching your goals.

Improving Your Balance

In order to improve your balance and risk of falling, your physical therapist will design a personalized Balance Training Program for you. Prior to starting your balance training program with us, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will discuss with you your medical and injury history. We want to understand where you have been and what you have been through in order to help you exercise in a safe manner forward toward your goals.

You will be instructed in safe ways to challenge your balance, improve your leg strength and flexibility. As you progress, your therapist will update and advance your Balance Training Program for you. With your practice and effort, you should start improving in a short period of time.

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