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3 Quick Exercises for Dads in 15 Minutes

There’s a constant struggle of people trying to balance busy schedules with wanting to stay in shape and workout. It can be difficult to know what exercises to choose that don’t take too much time, but that also accomplish the desired effect.

In honor of Father’s Day this year, I want to share with you these 3 quick exercises. These workouts were chosen specifically to keep dads strong and in shape, and they can be completed in only 15 minutes. 


To lift up your children or climb that steep hill with ease, I recommend performing squats.  You will strengthen your complete lower body in one exercise.  For a proper squat, start in standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.  Reach your arms straight forward.  Now “sit back”, lowering your buttocks towards the floor and stop when your hips are at the same height as your knees.  Keep your head up and back straight!  Pause, then push up to standing.  Squats may be made easier by using a chair to sit down and stand up from.  Squats can be made more difficult by holding weights in your hands.  Complete 10-15 squats. Rest.  Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10-15 squats.  

Push Ups:

To push a couch across the floor, the baby jogger uphill, or lift children overhead for play with ease, I recommend performing push ups.  You will strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, triceps and biceps in one exercise.  For a proper push up, start in push up position on the floor with your arms wide apart and body straight.  Now lower your body to the floor by bending your arms.  Keep your head and back straight!  Pause, then push up to your starting position.  Push ups can be made easier by resting on your knees instead of your toes.  Push ups can be made more difficult by placing your hands close to your body instead of wide apart.  Your child can climb on your back for additional resistance.  Complete 10-15 push ups. Rest.  Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10-15 push ups.  

Pull Ups:

To pull junk out of the garage, pull the baby jogger up stairs, or have a tug of war with the neighbors with ease, I recommend performing pull ups.  You will strengthen your upper back, shoulders, arms, and biceps.  For a proper pull up, take a wide grasp of a pull up bar or top of a sturdy door.  Place a soft towel on top of the door to protect your hands.  Your body should be handing towards the floor.  Now pull your body upward so that your head comes above the bar.  Keep your head and body straight!  Pause, then lower your feet to the floor.  Standing pull ups can be made easier by resting your feet on a chair, then using your legs to assist you by pushing up to bring your head above the bar.  An alternative pull up is to lie on the floor, head and upper body under a sturdy desk or table.  Take a wide grasp of the desk edge, and pull your upper and lower body up toward the bottom side of the table.  Leave your heels on the ground.  Complete 10-15 pull ups. Rest.  Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10-15 pull ups. 

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Yours in better health,

Dr. Jim Palmer, PT, DPT, CMP, COMT

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